South of Khorvaire there lies Xen’drik, a land of mystery. This continent was home to the first mortal civilization in Eberron, but it has been largely ignored by the world for thousands of years. Secrets and treasures from the Age of Giants still lie there, hidden deep within a forbidden landscape of jungles, deserts, and mountains. Little is known about the heart of the continent, and uncounted scholars and adventurers have given their lives in the attempt to map that dark terrain.

Xen’drik is a land of secrets and mystery, and only the hardiest journey there (that would be you (opinions vary about the ‘hardy’ part)). The continent is best known for its impenetrable jungles, harsh deserts, and impassable mountain ranges. Yet even more deadly are the strange supernatural effects that permeate this land, many dating back to the Age of Demons.

The Fallen Gods